Ode to the list …

Oh how I love thee.

Ima list maker! I make lists. Lists of lists. Fancy lists on fancy paper and creative lists with colorful pens. I rewrite lists after I’ve marked through a couple of items, I will even rewrite a list if I don’t like my handwriting. Lists sorted by numbers, sorted by letter, lists in paragraph form. I love me some lists! So in honor of my love for lists I thought I’d start us off with a little ditty about things I want to conquer. My Conquer List is something like a bucket list, just not about things I want to do prior to death. We’re talking about living here, honoring your vision, not waiting! InĀ an effort to keep things fluid I will update this regularly with start, progress and finish dates.

Jennifer’s Conquer List


  1. Begin a yoga practice
  2. Maintain a yoga practice
  3. Develop a daily meditation practice
  4. Maintain a daily meditation practice
  5. Feng Shui the entire house
  6. Smudge the entire house, regularly
  7. Take a selfie every day for a month
  8. Attend a yoga/health retreat
  9. Attend a crafting retreat
  10. Start my right shoulder/arm sleeve tattoo
  11. Finish my back tattoo
  12. Kick caffeine to the curb, for good


  1. Become a meditation instructor
  2. Become a yoga instructor
  3. Become a life(style) coach
  4. Take HYV from a crazy idea to a full-fledged business
  5. Support my family with HYV income
  6. Attend a blogging conference
  7. Speak at a blogging/health conference
  8. Host a webinar
  9. Build (and pay) a team of 3 to support HYV as a business
  10. Help 10 people achieve a life goal
  11. Create a HYV YouTube channel
  12. Have an article published
  13. Create a HYV meditation for beginners course
  14. Create a HYV yoga for beginners course

I’d love to check out your Conquer List. So let me know what you’ve been waiting on, we can check these babies off one by one.

Good Vibes my Sparkly Unicorns!


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