So what’s this all about anyway?

I’ve been tweeting out inspirational quotes for HYV for over a year now. During this time curious onlookers have asked what exactly is Honor Your Vision and what is my vision.

To answer the first question; HYV is about not waiting. Yes, I. Just. Said. That. HYV is about not waiting. Not waiting on whatever it is you’re waiting on to move your life forward. We are worth what ever it is we want RIGHT now.

I waited, on imaginary things. Some special dollar amount to start my family (FYI, there is NEVER enough money, so just do it.) I’ve waited on wearing a specific size – to loose 25, 30, 100 pounds before I find my mate (Let you in on a little secret here; if someone doesn’t love you as you are, they don’t love you at all. YOU ARE PERFECT so just do that to.) Not imaginary? Because sharing is caring; I’ve been at a store, in the check out lane and put my things down and walked away, because I was so ashamed of how I looked, what size I was buying and what that cashier was supposedly thinking about me. The hell you say? Oh yeah, at different stores (one of them was food related) on a couple different occasions. Back to imaginary. What about waiting on the perfect time for said thing to begin? Done that as well. There is no magical ‘perfect time’. There is just time and it is now (just do that). The key is to behave as if you have what you’ve been waiting on. I’m asking for a bit of trust here, but, if you believe, truly believe, not sorta-kinda believe, but believe with every fiber of your being; whatever you are waiting on WILL make itself known to you. Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction? You may have heard about a book, “The Secret”. This book discusses the Law of Attraction or better put the Power of Attraction. The fact of the matter is, “What you think about you bring about.” You must see it, feel it, believe it, recognize it as true and act as if it is already true. It’s an easy read and for those of us who cannot bring ourselves to pick up a book there’s a movie (a doc-u-men-tary, you will survive this). So there are no reasons you cannot spend time learning about the Law of Attraction. You may think it bit woo woo, but give it a try. You may surprise yourself with how easy it is.

The question of what my vision was, was a tuff one. I thought my vision needed to be singular, and concise. So I pondered on it. I didn’t put it off mind you, I just couldn’t come up with one idea. That’s when I realized that one’s vision for oneself needn’t be singular but it be grand and fluid. There are very few things in our lives that remain static. In my high school World History class I was taught that if a society didn’t progress it died out. This is true for all entities. If we stop learning we will become lazy and eventually so comfortable in our self that little by little we die out.

I believed that when the universe was ready she would show me my vision, my purpose. I forgot that I needed to remind the universe from time to time. I needed to think about it – keep it forefront. I actually thought it would magically pop into my consciousness and I’d just “know”. Not so. You may ask the universe a question but you must also actively seek the answer.

My vision is to be Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy in life and to share it with my family and those who are interested in honoring their vision. Why do I capitalize each point? Because these three items are incredibly important to me and deserve their own moment.

I commit to myself to become Happy. I will work daily to bring happiness into my life and to those around me. I commit to be Healthy. I will work daily to make good choices for myself in the fuel I put into my body and the exercise I do to keep it strong. I also commit to being Wealthy. I will work daily to bring wealth (abundance) into my life and to those around me. 

I know that I cannot force my vision on others. So I will do my best to help those who are interested and to appreciate those who choose not.

It’s important that we share our experiences with other people. Your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else. When you tell your story, you free yourself and give other people permission to acknowledge their own story. Iyanla Vanzant



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