The Other Day: A List

The other day someone asked me to tell them something they didn’t know (about me). Those sort of conversations leave me, well, a bit perplexed. I’m not one to share on the spot. I like to mull things over, to decide what I shall and shall-not share, what is important and not. Needless to say I froze, I couldn’t think of anything witty only that I don’t like these kinds of questions. (I’m rolling my own eyes!) So I came up with, “I hate the smell of cheese but I love to eat it.” Are you kidding me? I let myself down with that! In an effort to counter that question in the future I’ve come up with a short list about myself. Feast thine eyes upon this glorious site.

I adore gaudy Christmas lights. I drink coffee but hate the taste. I believe that art and music are education. I feel in color. Flowers are totally bitch’n, even if they eventually die. I believe in rights equality. I don’t like cooked fruit (though I’m learning to like it). I am a sensitive (I see ghosts from time to time). I love the smell of cut lumber, clean children, fall, grapefruit and my house. I prefer mountains over the ocean any day. I pick at my fingernails when I’m stressed (or bored). I drink a smoothie almost every morning for breakfast. I play Lego video games. I am learning to make peace with myself and others. I’m not a pet person, but I think I’m falling for my kids’ cat. I used to enjoy a good storm, now I have kids to protect and a house to pay for. I am one creative mother-trucker! I am emotional, moody and sometimes cranky. One last thing … I love list making. Go Lists!!
The Stats:
My favorite color is black.
I have two children and one cat.
I live in Kansas City (Missouri).
I drive a Subaru and I love it.
My husbands name is Mark and he IS the bomb.
My favorite food is pizza or chocolate. (It’s really not fair for me to choose.)
I am 43 almost 44, naturally blonde, tall, hazel eyes and a Libra.

BAM! Now it’s your turn -J

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