Three Principles

I’ve had a hard time coming up with what next. There’s so many things I want to talk about, so many things I want to share, I just got stuck. I don’t like getting stuck. I did’t know where to start, nothing really spoke to me.

So where’s a crazy gal to go for what’s next? I turned to my journals, of which there are many. I carry a journal with me every day. I design rooms and sketch clothing, I write down inspirational quotes, make lists, create recipes and jot down notes from books and articles I’ve read, business ventures, and craft ideas. It’s a journal there’s a lot of ‘stuff’ in there.

Of course there are a couple of themes. Even from the beginning of my adult journaling two very strong ideas stood out; spirituality and health (physical/mental). I even found the entry where I first noted Honor Your Vision, which by the way was in 2006. I also noticed practically immediately my notes starting to take a positive spin. They spoke of Power, Beauty, Intelligence, and of Now, not waiting. Funny how things fall into place even without knowing it’s happening. The rough idea of HYV has been with me for several years. It’s just taken me some time to decide that I am a bolt of lightening and I am worthy. (So are you!)

I asked Mark if he thought sharing my ‘stuck-ness’ would be a good idea and he said (and I’m paraphrasing), “It doesn’t matter. HYV is about what ever you want it to be about. If you want to share a recipe for taco seasoning, then do it. BUT, do it! Do not overthink this.” I’m going to share my taco seasoning recipe once I figure out how to get a picture loaded to this thing. I’m not techie sorta gal, more the creative type. 

I’ve decided the plan moving forward is to discuss three main topics. Now don’t go all, are you kidding me? More of that crap? No, I tell you. Not more of that. Nothing I do is more of the same. I work hard at putting a sparkly-unicorn-rainbow-tiger-glittering-lighteningbolt spin on things. Take a gander at the definition of the three HYV Principles.

  1. Eat Clean Daily – This doesn’t mean that every meal everyday is clean, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have a glass of wine or the third cinnamon roll at breakfast. It DOES mean that we will make the conscious decision to eat a healthy diet on a daily basis. Eat whatever it is we want to eat, just be mindful of the food we’re putting into our body. Remember that food is fuel. Our bodies cannot continue to house our souls if its falling apart around us. Your body is a temple in which your soul resides.
  2. Celebrate Daily – This principle most decidedly does not mean to throw a grand party everyday. If you have wanted to start a project, then start it, work on it daily until its completed. Celebrate the finished project. Do something that feeds your spirit. Try something new. We need to celebrate ourselves everyday by doing something that makes us happy. Express ourselves the way we where made to – through emotion.
  3. Move Daily – To move daily does not mean that we will punish ourselves with painful workouts. It doesn’t even mean that we will workout. Move Daily silly refers to moving our bodies. Whether this is taking the stairs at work or parking furthest from the door at the grocery store – just make an effort to move the body. If you enjoy the gym then go and love your body while moving it. Dance! Play (outside) with your children! Go for a walk! The point is to move and breath deeply.

Your body is a Temple and Your are the Goddess that lives in it. Honor that Goddess by feeding it, moving and celebrating it. Your are a sparkly ray of beauty – Honor Your Vision!

Peace out my sparkly beauties! – J

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